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Your Legal Rights

What rights do foster youth have?

As a foster youth, you have the right to live safe, healthy, and connected. It’s CP&P’s job to ensure that, when you are in an out of home placement, you are in a safe environment, that you are physically and mentally healthy, and that you are connected to services during your time in care. To ensure your rights while in placement, there is a Foster Youth Bill of Rights. This should be presented to you starting at the age of 12, and each year after while you are in placement. To learn more about your rights as a foster youth, you can access the Foster Youth Bill of Rights by clicking on the hyper link.

The Office of Advocacy  

The DCF Office of Advocacy assists the Department in its mission to keep New Jersey families safe, healthy and connected by providing information and responding to the concerns of parents, youth, foster parents and others involved with DCF services. 

The Office of Advocacy gathers feedback/concerns and identifies issues and trends to help DCF work in collaboration with its partner agencies to improve services to children and families. The office does this through their interaction with the Office of Performance Management and Accountability, governmental leaders and agencies, partners, families and the community. 

To reach the office of advocacy you can email the office anytime at OR you can call us at 1-877-543-7864 Mon - Fri between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Staff in this office work directly with liaisons in each DCF Division and Office to ensure the timely resolution of constituent issues and concerns. Your voice matters if there’s something you feel should be addressed do not hesitate to reach out.  

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