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The purpose of MEYA is to provide youth with health insurance through the state of New Jersey until the age of 26.

You may be eligible for health care coverage under the Medicaid Extension for Young Adults (MEYA) program until age 26. Income is not a factor in this process. Applicants should discuss their eligibility with either their CP&P case worker, call or email MEYA at 1-888-235-4766 or

If you qualify for MEYA and are moving out of state, what’s next?

Beginning 1/1/2023, states must now cover youth who have aged out of care at 18-21, regardless of the state in which they lived.


To replace your Health Benefits Identification (HBID) card, please call 1-877-414-9251

To select or change your HMO, please call 1-800-701-0710

To replace your HMO card, or to request a new Primary Care Physician, please call your HMO Member services:

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