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Career Exploration

Every career or occupation should start with some inkling of interest. Many have heard the saying “If you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life”. It is important to have some interest in the field of work you pursue, even if the interest is the pay.

Some individuals struggle with knowing what they specifically want to do, or have an abundance of interest and need assistance narrowing it down. Career assessments are tools that help individuals understand their interests and attributes in order to lead them to career options they will enjoy and be successful in. The following links are a few different career assessment options:

Many occupations require additional experience within the related or surrounding fields of work. This can look like a paid or unpaid internship experience. Internships are great opportunities for individuals to go into the field without the all-inclusive commitment to the occupation. During an internship you have the ability to experience aspects of the field before pursuing it further. There are many strategies to finding internships.

  • Network with family, friends and classmates
  • Speak with career counselors and college advisors
  • Check your college's Career Services office
  • Contact businesses and companies where you would like to intern
  • Check online resources such as Chegg Internships or Indeed

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