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What’s a state identification card? 

A state ID is an important document to have with you that helps other identify who you are. If you are 14 years of age or older in NJ you can apply for a non-driver photo identification card. You’ll need your state ID to apply for a job, open a bank account and many other things. To apply for an ID you will need to follow the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission 6-point system (below). To obtain an ID you can visit your local NJ MVC or visit their website for more information.   

For more information please visit NJ Motor Vehicle Commission

Getting your driver’s License/ Permit  

If you’re between the ages of 16-20, congratulations! You have reached a milestone and are eligible to apply for your driver’s license. Getting your driver’s license and/or permit can be an exciting time in your life. To learn about the steps needed to get your license, you can visit the NJ Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) under the First Driver License Section of the website to learn more.  

6-Point Documentation 

In New Jersey in order to get a state-issued ID or a driver license you must show proof of identity using the 6-point documentation system. Below is a chart of the different documents you can use to that can make up the 6 points needed to prove your identity.  

 NJ MVC 6-point requirements

What next?  

Once you have a state-issued ID or driver license you may ask yourself what next? The NJYRS website offers information about many questions you may have:

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