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New Jersey Peer2Peer Program: EnlightenMENT

What is EnlightenMENT?

EnlightenMENT is a peer to peer mentoring program created to authentically engage with and support youth dealing with a range of experiences in the foster care system. Youth are matched with a peer navigator that will offer advice, guidance, and empowerment strategies with a genuine approach. Navigators that meet you where you are and ARE HERE FOR YOU!

With EnlightenMENT you will have a navigator that will be on your side. Through the supportive services from your peer to peer navigator you won’t be alone through the struggles you may face.

EnlightenMENT is currently being piloted for select young people who are placed in Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, Union and Essex counties between the ages of 14-21. For more information about the program please visit EnlightenMENT.

All interested young people can contact the provider directly to apply for EnlightenMENT.

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