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Division of Taxation


New Jersey is committed to protecting the privacy of your tax information. Because traditional email is not secure, we will not address specific tax account concerns through email. This means that we cannot give you any information about the status of your Income Tax refund, business account, or any of the property tax relief programs.

If you have questions about a letter we sent you, follow the instructions on your notice to electronically reply using the New Jersey Online Notice Response Service. Do not reply by email.

If you have a question about one of the following topics, do not use the email inquiry form. Instead, send a direct email to the appropriate area listed here.

Unit Email Address
Alcoholic Beverage Wholesaler Report
Attorney General Referrals Section
Bulk Sales
Business Assistance and Incentive Clearance
Business Tax Clearance Certification Required for Receiving State Grants, Incentives
Casual Sales (non-business sales of motor vehicles, boats, and airplanes)
Conference and Appeals
Contract Liaison Unit (oversees collection agency)
Inheritance and Estate Tax
Judgments (tax liens)
Payment Plan
Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax
Project Enforcement (reinstatement, dishonored check, etc.)
Promoters and Event Organizers
Property Administration
Regulatory Services
Renew Your Cigarette License
Request a Speaker Contact Form
Sales and Use Tax Review Commission Sales&
Set-Off/Offset Programs Contact Form
Taxpayer Advocate Contact Form
Transfer Pricing Initiative
Urban Enterprise Zone Clearance

Last Updated: Tuesday, 04/16/24